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Nasik and Maharashtra

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Nasik City
Nasik is located in the northwest of Maharashtra, 180km from Mumbai. It is one of India's fastest growing cities and has a population of 1,620,000 with a total area of 264 km square. 



Faith Centre Church



Drawn from miles around, the church of about 100 meets on Sundays and midweek in cells. Some folk cannot attend on Sundays due to transport costs or work patterns.

There are several cell groups – three in the slums:

Phule Nagar: Very prayerful group, problems with the word because of illiteracy.

Valmiki Nagar: Area known for drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

Upnagar: 4-5 families less connected.


Church Planting Into The Villages

Chincholi - Jaffer and his brother Rafik have moved to the village. There is a good family atmosphere and a real hunger for God and His purposes. Jankiram assists Jaffer. Several of the people live within 100 metres of one another and are all from one tribe!



Jaffer leads the work in Chincholi




Shirdi - another outlying village but further away! This is continuing to develop.


Future Needs

A Building! There are ongoing problems with availability and cost of the hired hall.

A multipurpose church centre for training, prayer and worship. A facility to shelter children suffering from HIV is also envisaged.