our beliefs

We seek to emphasise

  • The centrality of Christ and His cross and the need for personal response to this through repentance and faith expressed through believers baptism.
  • The present outworking of the Kingdom of God.  We furthermore believe in the present working of the Holy Spirit and the restoration of the church in particular through the five-fold Ephesians 4 ministries.
  • Further key beliefs are outlined below as part of our relationship with Salt and Light Ministries…


Our broad calling is

to be an ‘intergenerational, Word based, Christ-centred, Spirit led, mission focused, community church’ - that is a bit of a mouthful but describes something of who we are and what we are seeking to be!


Our family of churches

has certain beliefs, values and commitments. This is how we want to live together in our part of the family of God! More detail about these beliefs and values may be found in the Salt & Light 'Core Commitments' document via link below: 

our beliefs


 Core Commitments